Friday, April 15, 2011

Lane Kiffin Was A Genius For One Day, and ASU Wants To Win

Montario Hardesty
 Another black jersey sighting: October 31st, 2009.  It was Halloween night and the 22nd ranked South Carolina Gamecocks (6-2) visited the Tennessee Volunteers (3-4).  Captains Eric Berry and Monterio Hardesty approached athletic director Mike Halmilton the week of the game and asked if the team could wear black tops.  Hamilton approved and Tennessee wore black jerseys for the fist time since 1922 when they started wearing orange tops.  After 4 Gamecock turnovers and a dominant rushing attack led by Hardesty, Lane Kiffin's Vols upset Steve Spurrier's Gamecocks 31-13.

Lane Kiffin was quoted after the game regarding the black jerseys and his players:
"It's a players' game, and our players had been begging for them for a while.  I think it gave us some energy.  I think you saw that in the way we came out and played early"
Tennessee jumped out to a 21-0 lead early in the 2nd quarter. Linebacker Rico McCoy said after the game: 
"They [the black jerseys] had the whole team hyped. They definitely energized the team"

Jonathan Crompton hands off to Hardesty in these awesome black jerseys
After the 2010 season Lane Kiffin is 15-11 (w/ UT and USC) as a college head coach, and he has beaten 1 ranked team at home.  This game.  Black jerseys. 

*worth noting: Tennessee is the only Adidas sponsored school to win a BCS National Title.
These are awesome
Arizona State just released their new jerseys for the future and black jerseys are in the mix.  The helmet is a new design and these jerseys simply look awesome.  Arizona State saw the success conference foes Oregon, Washington, and Stanford had with the black jerseys and wanted to join in on the fun.  I predict they wear them for their September 9th night game matchup versus Missouri on ESPN.

Check out some other pictures of their new jerseys here.


Anonymous said...

"*worth noting: Tennessee is the only Adidas sponsored school to win a BCS National Title."

..except for Notre Dame's 11 National Championships

Anonymous said...

Also worth noting: Notre Dame was probably not sponsored by Adidas at the time they won their titles. Tennessee had the Adidas logo on their uniforms when they won.

Also, the BCS did not exist before 1998, so even an Adidas team that won before 1998 did not win the BCS national title. They may have been the best, may have been on top of the Media and/or Coaches polls, or any other number of polls, but none of those championships before '98 were BCS National titles.

Not trying to take away from Notre Dame's vast accomplishments in their history, just clarifying what the author of the post was saying.

Black Jersey Theory said...

Correct, Notre Dame was sponsored by Champion when they won their last national title. Adidas started sponsoring Notre Dame in 1997.

0 national titles and 0 BCS bowl victories since 97